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The N-power beneficiaries have called on their colleagues to have a wide mass online protest for the concurrent and repeated delay in the payment of their Stipends  and repeated giving of excuses from the Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management while considering this Lockdown period as they are yet to be payed their March Stipends.

*Good day N-Power Beneficiaries.*

 *In the continuation of our struggle to demand for our March stipend and to bring a lasting solution to delay in monthly stipend by ensuring that our monthly stipends are paid as at when due, we have decided to write an official letter to the Senate President and the Honourable Speaker.*
 *The letters have been submitted officially but we want all N-Power Beneficiaries to tweet the letters on Twitter by tagging all necessary stakeholders and media for wide publication.*
*Below are some important tags you can use when tweeting on Twitter:*

 *Remember that the struggle still continue until our aims are achieved*
 *Below are the letters to the Senate President and Honourable Speaker*

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