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Mohammed, one of the sons of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has recovered from COVID-19.
Mohammed tested negative twice for coronavirus on Monday.
Atiku disclosed that he just received the good news and will be discharged from the Abuja Isolation center soon.
A close family friend to Mohammed confirmed this on his Twitter page @NecessaryCho.
Mohammed also retweeted the post on his Twitter handle.
Atiku’s son has been at Abuja isolation center since March 22nd after he tested positive to COVID-19.
The son of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Mohammed, has recovered from COVID-19 after 40 days of treatment.
Abubakar, in a statement last night, said his discharge could not have come at a better time than in the Ramadan, a season marked by sacrifice and supplication to the Almighty Allah.
He said: “I, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, wish to inform Nigerians that I have finally been cleared and discharged after 40 days of coronavirus (Covid19) treatment.
“I thank the Almighty Allah for my recovery from the dreaded infection and also wish to express my sincerest and deepest appreciation to Nigerians for their prayers and goodwill while I was being treated.
“In the course of life, we have no idea of what will happen to us because only the Almighty God knows our future. When the coronavirus first broke out in far away China, I had no idea that I might be one of those to be infected. This is one of the everlasting lessons I can’t forget for the rest of my life. Indeed, I have been humbled by this experience. Words cannot sufficiently convey the depth of my joy over my recovery and discharge.
“Since I tested positive after my return from abroad and my isolation for treatment, I was inundated with incredible expressions of goodwill by Nigerians. This pandemic has united the rich and the poor and, indeed, the rest of the world against this novel lethal virus that has caused economic and social disruptions globally.
“No matter our problems, however, we shouldn’t lose hope in our own country. Despite the limitations of our health system, the Federal Ministry of Health and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control have done tremendously well, despite these daunting challenges. Our doctors, nurses and other front line health workers also deserve accolades for their sacrifices and professionalism during this challenging period of our country.”

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