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Armed Robbers Group popularly known as One Million Boys threatens to attack and ransack houses very soon.
Sequel to the lockdown enforced by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, Several Armed Robber Groups: Awawa Boys, One Million Boys started operations in many Lagos government in Lagos and Ogun state likewise.
A picture surfaced online of a letter typed by 1 Million Boys that they are coming to steal from the residents and they fail to comply that they will cut off their hands.
“One Million Boys are coming to visit your area very soon.
So make everybody prepare.
If you don’t comply, we will cut your hands.”
Below is the letter and reactions of Nigerians on social media after hearing the bad news.
Some think they are stealing because they are hungry, but that’s wrong, they are stealing cause they are thieves!.
What do you think about this?
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